Recording from my Sky + and Streaming at the same time to another PC


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I have two PCs, one connected to my Sky+ box in the living room using an analogue capture card and the other with a freeview digital card in it in my office / cinema room connected to my projector. Does anyone know if I can stream the files off of the Sky+ box (effectively through recording it) and stream it in near realtime to the other machine so I can watch it on the projector?



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I do know that Sky+ boxes output from both scart sockets at the same time when you press play (or copy a batch of programs) so you may be able to convert both scart outputs at the same time ?


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thanks mate but I did not really meant that. I wasn't thinking of pushing a scart lead between the two rooms (too much messy drilling and the lead would need to be about 15m). What I was thinking of was doing a capture from the Sky+ box on an PC in one room and then beaming it wirelessly into an HTPC in the other room in near real-time. So really I have the following questions:
- is wireless the way to go / can it support the bandwidth for streaming? What will the quality be like - I'd need it to be the same quality that I'd get from just plugging the Sky+ box straight into the PJ using S-Video.
- is there a way to do it in near real-time? I could capture in one format and then copy over the files and watch in the other room but really I'd like to stream it in near realtime (i.e. for watching footy I am happy to be a few seconds behind but not 2 hours behind!). What software would I need to do that?

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- should be able to do what you need....I think! It can certainly stream and transcode into a different format.

You might be okay wireless with a SD signal...depends on how stong your signal is. Personally, I'd rather have streaming devcies cabled up.

You might also consider a slingbox?


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thanks dude. Did consider a slingbox however I already have the second PC so there seems little point in splashing out extra...

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