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I have a RCA DRC8005, and can not figure out how to use it. Can someone please advise me how to record multiple movies onto one DVD. I record one home movie (8mm) onto a DVD+RW and once that is done I would like to record another (8mm) onto the same DVD+RW. If I do this it records over the first movie instead of recording after the first 8mm movie.

Can someone please advise me - I would really appreciate it.


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I’m not familiar with this model; I believe it is a US model. It appears to be made by Thomson, so there may be a similar model in the UK.

Anyway, doing a Google search the only hit on this model was for the manual.

I took a quick look, and it isn’t very helpful. It talks about how you can make a recording (e.g. from a camcorder) and split it into multiple titles, but it doesn’t say how you can, or if you can, add multiple recordings to a disc.

To do what you want to do, you’d have to be able to tell the recorder to record on to the end of the disc, rather than at the start. As there doesn’t seem to be any options for this it may be that you can’t do it.

Maybe others who have a +RW, non HDD recorder can comment how they would do this (and if they can do this); this might help you.



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If you can do them at the same time,try pressing pause insted of stop
on the recorder between tapes which should give a chapter mark and
allow you to record the next tape.Not perfect but might help.



Thank you for all your time looking things up and all. I can not find anything in the manual on how to tell the DVD recorder to record to the end of the disk. I keep emailing RCA to no response.

Thank you for your time.




Thank you for your response. I tried to press the "pause" instead of "stop". It still did not work!!! If you have any other suggestions - please let me know.

Once again, thank you.


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