Recording Freeview to VCR


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Sorry if this has been asked proviously but I couldn't find any threads answering my problem.

TV is Pioneer 436XDE and VCR is a rather old Akai. At the moment I can only record from the TV to the VCR using the AV1 input on the VCR but this means that I can only record the channel that I'm watching and can't record with the TV off. I have a spare Freeview tuner box. Is it possible to somehow use this to record to the VCR and if so how do I connect it all up?



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Of course it can be done. But how to connect it up would depend on what inputs/outputs there are - especially on the VCR.



Assuming your VCR has only one scart socket.
You could plug the freeview box into the scart socket on the VCR, when on AV1 this would record freeview, the VCR would need to be tuned into the TV on the aerial lead (RF)
Doing it this way would reduce the quality of the picture on your TV and freeview would not be in stereo.



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If your spare Freeview box has two Scarts on the back, I would suggest this:

VCR (AV1) -> Freeview (VCR)
Freeview (TV) -> Pioneer 436XDE (AV1)

What should happen is when you press play on the VCR, the signal loops through the Freeview box to the TV, and you can record whichever channel the spare Freeview box is tuned into.

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