Recording Freeview from PV500 (and what aout 5.1?)

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by mmccarty, Jun 10, 2005.

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    so I'm gonna buy a 37" PV500 (I think) but I'm still not sure how I do two things:

    1) Record from the built in freeview tuner? Neither the Panasonic DMRE-500 or the Pioneer DVR-920 DVD / HD recorders have freeview tuners and the PV500 doesn't seem to have any decent (Componet / HDMI) outputs. even if it did, woud I have to have my plasma on to record? And then I wouldn't be able to watch anything else while recording.

    2) How do I connect my DVD and the PV500 to my Denon 1905 5.1 system? Obvisouly I can go direct form teh DVD to the Denon (optical) but can I get 5.1 out of the freeview tuner in the PV500? It doesn't seem to have digital audio out .

    I've also got a few other questions but nobody seems to want to answer my post so I've condensed it to teh real sticking point for me.



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