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Apologies if this question has been asked before - I am not a 'techy' at all and I need some simple instructions from someone please.

I have a wharfdale LCD TV with built in freeview. I have attached to it a lite-on DD-A100X DVD Recorder. TV Scart in 2 and DVD scart in 1.

But I can only seem to be able to record channels 1,2,3,4,5. Is this because due to the type of DVD Recorder I have i.e it does not have a tuner (lost manual) or do I just need to know what settings to apply.

Welcome any positive replies or hopefully simple instructions.

Many thanks



it has a built in analogue tuner so will only get the older analogue channels , in this case channels 1 to 5 and no freeview channels as its hasnt got a built in freeview tuner

so your options are these

1) try recording from the freeview channel your tv is tuned to using the scart lead ( not ideal as it means the tv must be turned on , and set to the channel you wish to record , meaning you are watching what you are recording )

2) plug a freeview box into a scart input on the recorder , put that box on the required freeview channel and set the recorder to record it using the line input

3) do as 2) above but use a freesat box , sky box or cable box

4) scrap the lite on and get a dvdr hdd/dvd recorder with built in freeview , preferably a panasonic , pioneer or sony, like a sony 890 for instance

these will then record freeview from their own built in tuners leaving the tv to watch anything else you like

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