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Jun 28, 2002
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I had Sky+ installed today and was wondering about something im gonna record bearing in mind only 2 things can record at the same time

this is whats gonna happenen

Im a celeb, 9:00 - 10:30
They think its all over 9:30 - 10:00
WWE Raw 10:00 - 12:00

Now i have noticed that my recordings start about 5 minutes before and end a few minutes after what ever i record (i have tried changing the start settings to 0 as well)

so Im a celeb will be taping, and They think its all over will start recording but what happens at 10:00 because my recordings start early and end late so will some be chopped of Raw and/or They think its all over or may Im a celeb stop recording?

i may have lost people so here a diagram

-|Im a celeb-----------------------------------------------|
..........................|----They think IAO---|

Now that will either help or confuse people even more :)

I believe this is why I've had at least one of my recordings failed (this overlap) or much better reads 'part recorded'. I don't understand what's gone on, but it has been an issue. Part recorded crops off some of the overlap which has been fine on commercial channels (less ads), I'm not sure if some of the recordings have failed due to others running late. It's not been a big problem as there's not that much worth recording! When a clash happens like these you get an on screen warning if your watching if it's not on I think it just 'tries its best'
It should record the first in the list complete and then part record the overlaping programme, I think with no padding on the first programme unless you set KEEP, which should force the first to record its padding, which will of cause make the second programme shorter.
If you set KEEP on the second programme it would force this record and padding, making the first a part record.
thanks guys ill give the keep idea a go when the situation crops up again next saturday night :)

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