Recording Capacity v Recording Quality?


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I'm considering by a Sony GX3 to compliment my TiVo and digital cable setup. I'm a bit disappointed that you can only get 1 hrs worth of recording at Best Quality...not much good for a 2hr film.

What recording quality do others use? I really would want to get at least 2 hrs on a disc, but not if it means a severe loss in quality on playback.



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Pretty much all recorders are the same, for a 4.7Gb disk you get 1 hour at best quality, then 2 hours, 4 6 etc. 2 hours on a disc is still very good and depending on the machine should be just about indistinguishable from the broadcast programme. Any more than that and quality drops, but by how much is very dependent on the recorder. 4 hours is about SVHS quality, 6 is at best VHS.

Plenty of movies are over 2 hours, sometimes only just which is a real drag. Go for a machine which has flexible recording, ie variable bit rate. That way the recorder will automatically adjust the bit rate depending on the length of the programme compared to the disc space available.

On my HS2 you really only start to see recorder induced artifacts (ie not due to the original broadcast) if you try to squeeze more than 150 minutes onto a disc.


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I've just received the GX3 and the 6 recording modes are a good compromise. You'll discover that most recorders follow the same principles when it comes to recording time and quality.

The Sony particularly has 2 'resolutions' (full and half - 720 and 360 lines respectivley), each having 3 levels of compression quality. VBR sounds like a good option but I'm not sure how it fairs in comparison to CBR in terms of replay quality in practice...


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On the panasonic you can just about fit 2hr 20mins on a dvd before the quality drops to the lower level. Has the gx3 got this option to exactly fill the media?
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