Recording Box Office Sports prog possibilty?


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Nov 4, 2004
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Hiya folks,

i know there is a similar thread running, but i wish to be more specific in what im wanting....

heres the scenario.....WWE No Mercy special live event on Sky Box Office this weekend, £15 PPV......i want for the questions

1) Is this treated like movies, you have a week to watch it once its recorded or its wiped, and 24hrs to watch it once you first playback even a few seconds of it? or can you keep it indefinitely on the Sky+ hard drive?

2) Can i record this program to a DVD recorder in any way shape or form, i dont mind if there is a minor loss in quality of picture or sound, providing its still better than VHS..heh (i have a Denon 3803 amp which i dont mind using to feed it through if that helps)

3) to make question 2 a little simpler, would i need to record it as a live feed while its on via say composite.....or could i record it to DVD while watching it or using the copy function?

basically i dont like the idea of paying £15 for something i will only get to watch once, whereas if i can record it and rewatch it once in a while i will be much happier.....

4) would i need a certain type of DVD recorder?, because to be honest im really only looking to spend £150, mebbe up to £200 tops....not worried about features, just the ability to record at a reasonably good quality of video and sound (if possible lay down DD sound but not necessary)

would appreciate any help as soon as possible as its on tonight and i wanna know if its worth me paying for

cheers folks
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I've sent you a PM.
cheers dude, i sent u one

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