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Please could someone tell me the bitrates (Mbit/s) used by the Philips 880 and Panasonic E30 to record, in the various modes? I've tried searching for this info, but to no avail!

Also, does anyone know in general how the quality of the MPEG compression during recording compares with that used by Tivo?

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Hi meg. I have just glanced through the E30 manual and can't see any statistics. However it does depend on how the machine is set. There are two options. "Fixed rate" and VBR "variable bit rate". I leave mine on the VBR setting as it decideds on the best rate for the most active part of the picture. Well I think that's how it works!!!

Looking at the bit rate when playing recordings from the Panny DVD-R discs show a rate in the region "10" for the XP mode (Best quality). In the region of 5 for the SP mode (Standard play). The other two modes I don't normally use. If i wanted VHS quality I would use a VHS recorder so to speak. Hope this helps. Malcom.

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