Recording analogue video to file without PC

Randall Flagg

Novice Member
I'm after a device that will take a composite analogue video input and then save it to a hard drive, preferably an external USB hard drive, without having to use a PC in the middle of it.

Am currently using an HDD/DVD recorder however am having to burn all the movie files to DVD and this is a nausea when there is 50 odd DVDs to burn...

Would rather be able to record the files to an external hard drive and then have that as the final product with video files on there.

Can anyone suggest a good solution please


Novice Member
I would use the Hauppage HD PVR Rocket with an HDMI upscaler attached to it. Plug your composite into the upscaler device (They're pretty cheap)... Upscaler into the PVR Rocket in standalone mode, and an external hard drive to record onto.

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