Recording 16:9 from Sky box. Why only BBC1?

Matthew Attoe

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I've noticed that when I record from Sky I don't record the 16:9 switch-signal.

However, if I happen to be recording BBC1 from Sky then the 16:9 switch-signal get recorded?

Anyone know wht only BBC works like this or have any other observations?

Thanks in advance,



Works OK for me when I record films from sky movies. I don't think I've ever recorded anything from Sky, though, except to the internal hard disk (this is on a Sky+ box).


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I get the Widescreen Switch Signal on everything recorded on Sky+ no matter which channel.

Nip/Tuck goes 4:3 during adverts and is 16:9 during programme.

Which method of Widescreen Signal Switching does your display use, it could be related to that.


Matthew Attoe

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Well, i'm not using sky+, just a vcr.

The TV switches fine on everything else, even when I record BBC1 from Sky, just nothing else.

A friend has taped things for me via a NTL cable box and when I watch her tape everythingswitches perfectly too.

It's not the end of the world or anything, I'm just curious as to why one channel works and 467 channels don't.



Mr Cheese

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I believe BBC instigates line 23 switching for widescreen flagging within the BBC and sometimes this gets passed on to the regional transmitters. It's a problem that they are aware of. It only effects BBC1 from some regions. Consequently you may find watching BBC1 via the RF output of a digibox you get widescreen switching too (as per channel 4 terrestrially).

EDIT: ...and of course your VCR is probably recording the wss flag from BBC 1.

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