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    hi need some help please
    i am thinking of getting a dvd recorder but confused on how to set it up ?
    i have a very good dvd player philips 962sa > component> plasma
    i have ntl digital box > js box vga > plasma
    so only s- video left
    i have a second scart output on my digital box i dont think its rgb when i plug the js box in it i get nothing.

    can i plug the second scart in to the dvd recorder and the rf if needed
    then is there a s-video out on most players i`m looking at the philips 880 or maybe the panny e30 they dont have to be multi region as my other player will be for film watching?

    and for the sound i belive the scart will carry the sound into it but for sound out the coaxial imput on my amp is taking up. so do these models have stereo out or optical?

    sorry for all the questions?

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