Question Recorded TV programmes on Sky HD box copyright?


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We have a lot of movies and Sky TV programmes recorded on our two Sky HD boxes, 1TB and 500GB respectively. We have not managed to see all of them due to work pressures and were hoping to catch up after But we are changing to a Sky Q package in a few months and will that mean those recorded programmes on the HDs are lost for good or is there some way Sky can copy them onto the HD of the Q box?

I understand that they are encrypted and so cannot be copied into an independent hard drive or other source?
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They are not all encrypted, it depends on the channel, FTA (Free To Air) recordings can be exported from an extracted HDD using appropriate software (i.e. ExPVR)


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I have a feeling that almost all of them are from main channels like BBC, Discovery, Channel 4, Movie Channel etc. But I was under the impression that when we have Sky Q installed, the old HD boxes have to be returned to Sky? Or is that not necessary?

I am not so worried about the movies because I can always get replacement BDs or DVDs. But it is the documentary series that I am concerned about because many are not available commercially on media discs.


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The HD boxes are your property, you keep them.
It's just the Q boxes that remain Sky's property.


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Everything is pretty much repeated so there is no reason that you cant record them again via catch up or on demand...the only thing that's annoying me is that TCM HD is no longer available...just left with the SD channel.


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I have a similar problem on this thread. I need to try and take out the recordings on the Sky+HD box. How do I know if they are FTA and what is the physical method for taking the recordings out?


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The main channels - BBC, ITV, Ch 4 and Ch 5 are all free to air; there are a few others too such as Sky news.
If you needed a Sky subscription to watch the channel then it is not free to air.

If the recordings are in HD then they will likely be encrypted.

To extract, or more properly copy, the recordings you can either play them on the Sky box and then record the output via one of the Sky+ boxes scart sockets onto a video recorder than can accept analogue inputs.
Or you could physically remove the hard disk drive and then using a pc running as was said above something like exPVR.

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