Question Recordable discs for a Panasonic DMR-BWT850 blu-ray recorder.


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Dear all I will be getting delivered to my abode in the next few days the above model. What I wanted to know is what any of you out there would recommend as reliable quality BD recordable discs (single layer as well as dual) to record onto from the hard drive. There are quite a few different makes around but I would want (understandably) discs that are generally speaking more reliable than others from experiences of fellow AV Forumites.

I would also prefer discs that would be blank rather than with the companies full face logo on them. My reason for purchasing this recorder is.... (1) My Panny DVD recorder has packed up entirely. Whilst (2) the other Sony DVD recorder has stopped recording onto disc from the hard drive, and both at around the same time.... spooky :eek:. This is the first BD recorder I have purchased hence my question with regards to the BDR discs themselves. I appreciate any helpful answers given, thanks in advance. :)
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There is a dedicated thread regarding Bluray media which you can find here.

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