Recordable 5.1 on 4K freesat box?

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Since my Digital Stream box died and I found my Pioneer plasma is too old to take a feed from the latest Humax Freeview boxes, I have relied on a firestick for all TV viewing. It works great except I really miss the 5.1 recordings I used to get on BBC channels and Ch4.

I will be moving to a place that has a cleverly concealed freesat dish and is in a conservation area with strict aerial ban. I have downloaded and studied the instructions for the currently available 4K recordable freesat box but cannot see any mention of 5.1 recordings. Can anyone with this box confirm if they play back 5.1 recordings, and if so is it still just BBC and Ch4 who provide surround sound and not ITV?


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Correct its just bbc 1,4 channel channel 4 is in SD and not HD so no 5.1 sound on channel 4 in sd.


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Channel 5 on sat transmits the 5.1 DD flag but the material is often not (maybe never? I've seldom watched C5 via the AVR) truly 5.1 ... See complaints about it on other threads and 'poor sound' as a result sometimes.
C5 on Freeview is always DD 2.0 stereo/

Not that many BBC programmes are in 5.1 either, in truth.

ITV have still to pay their service provider to upgrade their Playout facilities for 5.1 so everything is just stereo.

Freesat is C4 SD so vanilla MP2 stereo. C4HD has 5.1 stuff but you'd need an Enigma type box for recording that (or a Foxsat-HDR with Custom Firmware).

Check your reception predictions for terrestrial TV reception using Freeviews 'detailed view' for interference and Wolfbabe for signal field strength guesstimates? A loft aerial may work?
Check with neighbours and local good aerial installers?

AFAIK as long as an antenna (and dish is also an antenna) is not visible from public roads, paths and broads waterways, then they are permitted... so it's possible something could be done to give Freeview?

Worth a discussion with the Council concerned I'd have thought?


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QuestHD transmits with the 5.1 flag set too. Only BBC1HD/2HD/4HD and C4HD transmit stuff in 5.1, and it's very much source material dependent, and of course, with a Freesat box, C4HD is MIA.


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I love the Enigma2 boxes, will give you 5.1 on C4, you can share and control the signals via Kodi, my box gives me 8 independent tuners. The are just great

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