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Slightly off topic but with all the knowledge here, I couldn't resist Just wondering if there is an easy way to record from a Sky+ hard drive onto DVD's using a DVD-Writer in a laptop? There are always TV Out ports etc in laptops but very little is mentioned of any way to get something back in! Any ideas on such a method? Thanks


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Have you got a video in socket on the laptop.

Probably not, in which case I would say no. :( I could be wrong tho.


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The recording on the hard drive in the sky+ is encoded and can only be viewed via the sky+ box. This means you have to "capture" the video and audio signals output by the skybox. You will need a capture card - external usb type for use with a laptop.

The s-vid or composite signal and audio outputs from the sky+ are fed into the capture card. The cards can be "simple capture" which feed the signal into your laptop via usb and software on the laptop is used to convert the signals to mpeg ready for authoring onto a dvd. Alternatively the card would be "capture and convert" - doing the mpeg conversion itself and then simply storing the result on your laptop ready for you to author onto disc.

The best quality would be to capture the scart RGB signal from the sky+ box but currently no reasonably priced kit to do that.

If you want to read up on all this then head over to


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yeh that was a better answer :blush:

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