record onto sony RDR-HXD890 from V+ box


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I have the following setup:
Virgin V+ box
Panasonic TX-P42ST30B (Plasma)
Yamaha RXV371 (AV Receiver with HDMI)
Sony RDR-HXD890 (Hard Disk Recorder)

I have just moved over to the Plasma and AV receiver, HDMI etc... and am enjoying the whole setup but have a question about recording to the Sony from the V+ box.

Before, I used to used Scart to chain it all together, thus being able to record through the Sony before the signal passed on to the TV.

Now I have it all going straight to the AV receiver via HDMI then one HDMI cable to the TV. I select the device on the AV receiver (XBox360, V+, Sony etc...)
The Sony has an HDMI out so I am using this to play DVD's and watch existing recordings but obviously has no HDMI input to record via.

How do I record from the V+ box?
The V+ box has to be set to output via HDMI in the settings so will this disable the SCART out?
So what's the best way to record from V+?

Thanks for any help
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I'm not familiar with V+ boxes so I can't comment on the effect, on the SCART output, of setting the HDMI output = on.

However, you will need a SCART cable between the V+ and the Sony in order to record. You shouldn't need any other SCARTs. Have you tried it?

Put a SCART in place and then - so you can monitor the result - set the input on your receiver to see the Sony.


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You will require a fully wired scart.

Connect from the TV scart of the V+ box to Line 1 [ Top scart] of the Sony

You will need to go into setup on the Sony and ensure that it is set to intake an RGB input.


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Thanks, that's how I was recording before HDMI so will connect it the same.
Just hope the V+ box can output to via SCART and HDMI without changing settings just to record something.

Already had 'that bloody telly' from the other half:facepalm:


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doma2001 said:
Just hope the V+ box can output to via SCART and HDMI

If the Tv scart output is disabled when using HDMI use the VCR output scart, it's always enabled.


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All sorted now, the Virgin V+ box outputs HDMI and Scart at the same time so can monitor through the Sony when setting up to record.
Got new cables for the Wii too so that's now nice and crisp

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