Record from DVD back to hard drive

Oh, you also what to ask 'how'? :D

Several threads on this subject, do a search for "dvdshrink", that'll locate them for you.
Thanks for the feedback but I gave the wrong impression in just typing "Possible?".

What I meant to ask is whether it's possible on a DVD recorder/hard drive combi.

e.g. make a music compilation. 6 months later, copy back to the hard drive, remove the tracks I no longer like and record to a new DVD with additional tracks I've since recorded to the hard drive.

You can if you use RAM discs and for eg a HS2.
on the hs2 you can link up the two scart sockets and press record on hdd then play on dvd - you get an digital - analogue - digital conversion this way, but if the original was of good quality, it is not really noticable. (you then have to edit out the interference at the start and end of the recording, before the dvd started to play.)

You also need to disable the on screen displays from the set up menu, else these will appear on your hdd recording.
So it's a case of cable swapping and quality loss. Why?

Is this requirement so unusual? Apart from music compilations I was also thinking that I'd like a hard drive machine for convenience rather than time shifting i.e. use Sky+ for time shifting and anything I want to keep download to the DVD recorder hard drive. Record to disks obviously but also maintain a large library of shows on the hard drive for convenient playback.

So until the 250 Gb machines arrive I thought I'd get an interim machine, put stuff onto DVD and then back again once I get one of these 250 Gb decks.

Thought this would be a provided function but then again I guess the above is not exactly normal expected use.


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