Record feom Sky to iPhone, how?


I dont believe it can be done as its nigh on impossible to get anything from a Sky+ box to a PC let alone the Phone. I believe the only way to do it is to take the HDD out of the Sky+ box and use some software on your PC to extract it but then there may still be issues with encryption for stuff recorded from some channels.


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There is software around that will let you export the contents of your Sky+ box to your PC, but as bransoj says, you need to take the HDD out of the box to do it. You would then need to convert the file you extract into a format playable by iTunes, then Sync to your iPhone.

It would be quicker to download it from scratch.


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He could use a tv tuner card in his pc to record the output of the sky+ and then convert the resultant recording into a iphone compatible format.

Wouldn't think its worth it tho, as quality isn't gonna be too good and its fairly time consuming.


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Thanks for everyone's replies. It is a pity as my old Archis 5 had a DVR which then allowed it to record via a Scart cable. Oh well :-(

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