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Hi, I have had a look about the forum threads to see if there was one on the subject I am posting about, but couldn’t find one. I recently cleaned some records with the “Vinyl Vac”, following their instructions and watching their online video to do the cleaning exactly as they recommend, however, every record I cleaned, although sounding cleaner, will not play level through left and right channels now. They tracking force is spot on and so is the weight on the tonearm, I have tried everything to rectify it but nothing helps. The stylus on both decks were replaced at time of cleaning. If I flip the record, the side I didn’t clean although sounds more crackly and dirty, as you would expect, plays evenly through both channels? Really annoyed as these records are over 20 years old mainly and are hard to come by now. I wondered if anyone else had had a similar experience, and if so did they manage to rectify it and what was your method?



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Check your arm lift is all the way down when the stylus is on the record and not touching the underside of the arm, had this problem for weeks on my Project deck before I realized what the problem was.


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I am grasping at straws here but, have you examined the cleaned records using a magnifying glass? It's just possible that the cleaning process has not removed all contaminants and the brushing motion of the vac has caused whatever deposits there were, to be shifted with some remaining on the record, it/those causing your stylus to be lifted fractionally. Worth checking.


@mef82 Please do not delete your original post when members have had the courtesy to reply to you.

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