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"Reconstruction" on DVD now

Discussion in 'Movie Forum' started by LeftCoast, May 3, 2005.

  1. LeftCoast


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    If you haven't heard of this film already, here's a flattering clip from NY Times reviewer Elvis Mitchell:

    "The Director Christoffer Boe's RECONSTRUCTION, which won the best-debut prize at Cannes, darts through a puzzle of a story about love and loss of identity in abstract and literal terms. His confidence with the medium and his demanding material leads to a deeply satisfying film." -Elvis Mitchell, The New York Times

    I probably wouldn't have even heard of this film if it hadn't been for a friend with connections at Universal -- this really is one of the most original takes on a love story that I've seen since Eternal Sunshine...and the cinematography is excellent (I'm pretty sure it got a Cannes prize for that as well) -- basically takes the story of a man who falls in love, and then watches his life around him fall apart. He suddenly finds himself in a bad dream, like the one where you're falling into darkness and you're trying to wake up, but you can't...

    In addition, both actors do a stunning job and share a lot of chemistry -- it's an odd juxtaposition between a Hollywood classic and a twisted nightmare.

    Hmm, I guess if this was a review from Ebert & Roper, I would give it :thumbsup: However, I would also give that same rating to a bunch of lousy films as well.


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