Recone Lab, any experience of them?

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Speakers' started by Calum Lawson, May 24, 2002.

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    I have a pair of Celestion DL6 Series 2 which used to be may main speakers until my young daughter blew the amp and took one of the main drivers with it (don't ask but it involved repeated on/off at the mains until the amp could take no more, the joys of being 2 :( )

    Both were written off by the insurance company and the speakers were consigned to the attic (but as one of them was otherwise perfect I couldn't quite bear to bin them as they may come in useful someday)

    I am now looking at adding them to the Home Cinema setup I am starting to put together as after investigation the only damage is to the main drive on one speaker (wiring coil on the back of one is blown).

    I have swapped drivers between speakers to test that no damage was done to the crossover or anything else and the problem moves with the driver (and likewise the good driver in the previously bad speaker fixes that one)

    I have been in touch with Celetion to see if the can supply spares, but they can't, so I have searched the net to find out if any one repairs/replaces drivers and I found Recone Lab (They are a sister company to Richard Allan International) who I have contacted and they can repair the driver.

    Before I send it off for repair, has anyone had any experience of them good or bad that they could share.


    Calum Lawson

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