Reconditioned mobile - where, how much


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I would appreciate your advice.

My wish is to buy a mobile, hopefully an iPhone, for a very close friend. In truth it will have to be a reconditioned one, if only because I simply couldn’t afford a new one and my friend is in an even worse position! Her present phone is an iPhone 6s and you can hardly read an email on it!

I have several questions to ask

1 Realistically what memory do you need, the ones in my local shops seem to be 64GB. Besides phone/email/text she does watch quite a bit of YouTube and BritBox on it. (How I don’t know). I think top of the list would have to be a large screen

2 I know that the iPhone is quite different from Android and I have been told that switching from iPhone to Android can be difficult for some. True or not? I was thinking of a Samsung but a shop I went into today showed me a new phone called OPPO it seemed to have pretty good speck, but I’ve never heard the name before!

3. And probably the most important, where to buy? There are numerous sites online selling mobiles, some not so good. I would appreciate some recommendations.

Price £300 - £350, but if I did find a bargain I’d stretch to £400. (UK)


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iPhone SE can be had for under £400 new. 64Gb is more than enough. However the screen size will be the same as the 6s.

I use both an iOS and Android device and I tend to flip between them without an issue.

If you want her to try an Android , something like the OnePlus Nord range or even The Google Pixel 4a is within budget.


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Bought her a renewed iPhone 8 Plus from Amazon @ £225
im now into setting it up automatically but I’ll open another thread for that:
‘How to find my iPhone passcode’

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