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Just bought myself an Xbox, due to the price dropping and a new Curry's opening near me doing an extra 10% off everything :)
Got Halo, what else is worth getting?


project gotham
moto gp
dead or alive 3
all of the above are ace


games you might want to look out for in the coming months.

blink time sweeper
colin mcrae 3
dead or alive vollyball:eek:
and halo2 later next year


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Jet Set Radio Future
Gun Valkyrie if you're pateient and don't mind a steep learning curve with the controls


Shoot, everybody beat me to the good ones.

Max Payne is a very good port if you haven't played the PC version. (a little short though)

Also, give GunValkyrie a rent before buying it. I'm not patient, and hated it. :) The control scheme is definitely not for everybody.

Splinter Cell is another one to look out for. (not sure when the release date is) And if you've got ADSL, you'll definitely want to look into the upcoming XBox Live launch games. NFL2K3 is going to be my first purchase.


Can't argue with MotoGP, CMR3, JSR:F and possibly Blinx. I don't rate DoA3 personally but for those who have read my posts would know why. Its certainly a decent button masher anyway. I also don't rate Malice too much either but I suppose we would have to wait for the review material to come out.

Games to look forward to IMO would be ShenMue II (if you haven't got it on the DC), MGS2: Substance (if you haven't got a PS2), CMR3, Halo 2 and maybe SegaGT 2k... But then I wouldn't buy any of those games and instead would save up like a tight git for Tekki ^_^ The controller and game will cost more than a new Xbox to ship over here!


What's out now:

- Project Gotham Racing
- Moto GP
- Amped

These are the best games out right now along with Halo in my opinion if you're really into driving games you'll want Rallisport Challenge too. I've got PGR, Moto GP and Rallisport but with the former 2 you'll get the best mix of things.

I'm a big fan of amped - even if you're have no interest in snowboarding it's still great fun.

Game's coming up:

- Splinter Cell (can't recommend this enough, big things in store for this and it will deficate on Metal Gear Solid).

- Blinx
- Project Ego


Some of the games mentioned already are love/hate games really. JSRF I thought was pretty appalliing, just not my kind of thing and felt that i was playing something aimed at a 12 year olds (which i guess it is) - couldn't work out why everyone scores it so highly.

As Azrikam says, Gun Valkyrie needs a try before buy - definitely a love hate thing going on with that one.

Oh and Tekki ;) Hardcore Mech fans only.


Tekki hardcaore mecha fans only... Yeah baby ^_^ Want the game... NOW! ^_^ If not then Virtual On: OT on the Dreamcast will do me.

I wasn't a fan of Amped and I guess that is a love hate thing as well. Many Xbox owners I know haven't bought it. Project Ego is promising and has been mentioned a few times but it probably won't be released too soon... The games from Lionhead studios always takes time.

JSR:F isn't aimed at kids... It basically brought cel-shading into the mainstream (prequel) and it has style to kill for. Many games sure can push x amount of polys but it will never have as much style. Time just needs to be spent with it and then the gameplay will shine through. I'm surprised no-one else has mentioned ShenMue II too since this is a major title from Sega, even though it has been released already on the Dreamcast. If sales are low for this baby then the Shenmue series might go elsewhere...


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I couldn't get on with Gun Valkyrie myself, but I mentioned it because it is a quality title.

I found DOA3 v disappointing after being used to Tekken on my old PS.

I got Amped as one of my 'free' reward games. I put it in the drive for the first tme last weekend and I've been struggling since. It might well be a quality game, but I'm not sure I'm prepared to go through the pain involved in getting the most out of it (like GV). If it weren't for the fact that there's nothing worth buying at the moment I probably wouldn't still be working at it. Shame it doesn't have tutorial mode.

Wrt JSRF being slated as a kiddie game: the presentation is a little bit odd, and it's got a very Japanese flavour, but the game is sweet (...sweet...very sweet...:D). I can usually look past the surface stuff and just get into the gameplay. Nintendo continually get slated for producing 'kiddie' games and DKR was incredibly cutesie, but I can honestly say it's the most fun I've ever had with a racing game (never had the pleasure of SMK). Games don't have to be cool - just fun.

sell the xbox and get a gamecube best thing i did.

I can now play mario sunshine monkey ball 1 and 2 res evil and res evil zero super smash melee lugius mansion.

The xbox has iss which is crap wreckless crap dead or alive 3 great graphics crap gameplay nba basket ball crap amped was ok halo and project gotham raceing were my fave.

Halo 2 and project echo are superb games well look superb but not out till next xmas at earliest and they are relying on these 2 games to save the machine

Dom H

For the currently released games I would list them as (best at top)

MotoGP (this game is god, it has MONTHS of play)
Halo (nuff said)
Rallisport (a little lacking on the physics front but so much fun and gfx to die for)

Looking forward mostly to;

Toejam & Earl 3
Splinter Cell
Soul Calibur 2
Brute Force
Panzer Dragoon Orta
Shenmue 2

Nearly all before the end of the year.

DOA3 is NOT a button masher, people who can't be bothered to get into it call it a button masher. Mash the buttons against someone who can actually play the game and you'll be ko'd in seconds. It's a very skillfull game, timing being the key point.


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Originally posted by Dom H

Looking forward mostly to;

Toejam & Earl 3

Toejam and Earl 3?? Superb! I've still got the original Toejam and Earl on the Megadrive, it's great fun! Probably my favourite Megadrive game produced!

Got any links to this that have some more info?



At the risk of pulling this thread off track, I've got to stand up for DOA3. Originally when I got this, I played it a lot, then it started to collect dust after a few months.

But since I've moved into a new house, and started to play against other people, I really think DOA3 is a much deeper game than people give it credit for. Plus, it's fast! I couldn't play VF4 cause it was so slow in comparison.

Once you get past the display (which is unmatched), I think you still have a solid game that's very, very fun. (IMHO, the most important factor for fighting games)


same here i got fed up with this game in single player.but now i think it rocks when i play it with mates.

Jason S

Moto GP - Dynamic DD5.1 & Multiplayer rocks, but needs a TV each. I ride a dirty great sportsbike and MotoGP is as near as you'll get to the real thing

Rallisport Challenge - Excellent stuff, although I was forever driving into the scenery from looking around too much.

Amped - Can be quite addictive

PGR - Legalised crack is how I've heard it described, top soundtrack too.

Halo - Multiplayer :D Dynamic DD5.1 :D :D

Waiting for

Project Ego
Halo 2

More mates to buy X-boxes instead of using mine for multiplayer mayhem.

I'd also recommend not forking out a small fortune for M$ network kit, If you want to connect up get a cheap hub and some RJ45 leads, probably cost the same as the single X-over lead they sell for joining 2 together.


Another game to add to the list is Buffy. I'm not a fan of the series but I picked it up today as I was after something in that genre and I'm really surprised how good it is. Worth checking out for sure.


I'm knocking DoA 3 because I have played DoA (Sega Saturn and PSX) and DoA 2 (DC and PS2) in the arcades as well as the consoles listed and just found DoA3 lacking... Sure enough almost any fighting game in multiplayer is better - After all that is how fighting games should be played only IMO.

If you compare the mechanics to games like SFA3, Capcom Vs SNK2 etc then DoA3 doesn't represent anything new, other than the graphics engine which is stunning to say the least. DoA 2 IMO was a bit unbalanced as the original DoA was quite decent (bar the juggly "physics").

I'm just giving my views on DoA as a fighting fan since the original SF arcade days and have pretty much played every fighting game out there with some depth. It is however a massive shame that many 2D fighters are overlooked just because its 2D... 3D fighting games haven't advanced that much since Tobal and Soul Calibur IMO... Sure enough the dodge button in VF3 was one to be mastered but other than that the new "3D" fighters don't represent anything new to the genre or do much to refine it. That is why I'm looking forward to Soul Calibur II since it has gone through a few revisions in the combat system and retains the freedom of movement.

Don't get me wrong... Any fighting game thesedays do have depth but for me it just hasn't advanced enough.

I would comment more but my PC needs a bit of work >_<

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