Answered Recommended voltage for a power cord to power a Cambridge Audio Azur 640A?


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So I have found a good deal on a 640A and I plan on getting it, but It doesn't come with the power cord. Can I just buy any old kettle plug for it or does there need to be a certain amount of volts? I've seen some on amazon that advertise '240V' or '230V' or 'IEC C13' and to be honest I don't know what that means.

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An IEC C13 Lead is what is often referred to as a 'Kettle Lead' and is a technical specification for that type of lead / plug combination. C13 has 3 pin sockets.

240v / 230v - either will be fine as the specification is 250v
If it is for the UK then its technical rating should be 10A / 250VAC @ 50Hz

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One assumes you are in the UK/EU, and any Power Cord sold is likely going to be legally spec'd in your area. Make sure the cord is rated for sufficient Current, though again, any cord sold should be of sufficient current.

As long as the plugs on both ends are correct for your amp, I really don't see a problem.

Likely the cord will either be 2-conductor or 3-conductor. These cords are typically referred to as IEC Cords, and has been pointed out, need to me a certain standard.

IEC C13 3-Conductor Power Cord -

Here is another type of 3-conductor Power Cord -

IEC C5 Power Cord -

And here is an example of a common 2-conductor Power Cord - IEC C7 -,k:IEC+C7+power+cord

I'm not recommending these specific products, simply using them as examples of the various types of power cords.

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Literally any U.K. specced plug will do the job.

Your local computer shop, or Wilkos or similar will sell you a 2 metre cable for about three quid. 50p less for one metre.

The 640A uses a 3A fused plug.


You could seek out those very special ones, the ones that are guaranteed to boost your audio performance. Now there are THE very special ones made in Wales. The threads in the cord are plucked from the mane of the Unicorn. Not any old Unicorn, it's the one that lives in the forest near Ystradfellte in a cave under the Sgwd-yr-Eira waterfall on the Afon Hepste.

The threads are then taken to the road that leads to the village of Pontneddfechan from where they go to the workshop at Abertwysswg. Only the very stu, err rich can afford them.

On the otherhand Argos sell plenty.:)

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