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I always thought our TVs were supposed to be just a little below our eye-level (for neck-strain reasons). People are wall mounting their plasmas, or above fireplace mounting, and brackets often come with a tilt mechanism for when fitted higher up. Are there implications for mounting the panel high up in terms of strain (eye or neck) or other?


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My Panny TH-50PHD7 has been mounted on wall - 48" from floor to bottom of plasma with a viewing distance of 12' and very slightly tilted.

I used a Unicol tilting bracket - a good unit IMO as you can adjust the screen without having to undo/loosen any bolts - just hold the screen and tilt.

Been in for 2 weeks now and had no problems with neck or eye strain from anyone in the family.


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Does it feel like a nice height


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I've drawn a large rectacle on our wall at the size and height of our new display. ( the walls will be plastered and painted so drawing on it first wont hurt)

Yes, our plasma will be above a fireplace. The bottom of my drawn rectangle is 1.20 metres above the floor.

I've been looking at my graffiti on the wall for about a week now, longing and wishing it to be replaced soon with an actual plasma.

I must say that it is very comfortable indeed. No neck strain whatsoever.
A perfect comfortable height


EDIT: PS.... I must add that I am an astronomer and study the stars quite often. Some nights I can be looking close to the Zenith (straight-up) for long periods of time and get no strain. Perhaps Im just used to it

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