Recommended Subwoofer at or under £400, help!?

VHS Gamer

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Hello guys, had a good look myself first of course but, so confused and no idea what would be a great subwoofer for this price range, preferable at, or under £400

I have a pair of Monitor Audio bronze 2 bookshelf speakers and MA Centre. The bookshelves go as low as 42hz and the centre 60hz.

Looking for a sub that will at least go down to 30hz if possible. Any help would be appreciated.

VHS Gamer

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Honestly looks like the BK Double Gem is worth a buy, I may just go for that if anyone thinks that’s a good subwoofer.

VHS Gamer

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There's a slight blemish one on ebay from them?

BK Double Gem on Ebay direct from BK
I saw yes, it’s pretty alright but in the end I decided on the regular one in black so yeah in the end I actually ordered the Double Gem, it looks awesome, all the specs seem to tick all of the boxes for me, of course it all depends on it sound but, if AVF gave it an award if I read the BK site right, I trust it. Beside, the regular matte version matches best with the black wood of the monitor audio’s wood.

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