Question Recommended setup for outputting Vinyl through amp/speakers and connected Bluetooth speakers at the same time


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Hi all, I'm not overly savvy with audio tech so any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. I am proficient in programming so can handle any DIY options which require it.

Desired outcome
With a budget of ~£1500 to listen to my vinyl in one room via connected amp/speakers and to be able to listen in other rooms via portable Bluetooth connected speakers at the same time. Its worth noting from a range point of view that it would be ideal to pick this up in an outside garden room (due to arrive later this year).

I appreciate the Bluetooth range may not be that great and that having a multi room setup with multiple connected amps might be the best way forward.

I have looked into network streamers but from my limited understanding these do not appear to support analogue in and are mainly for digitally connected devices on the home network. I also considered multi channel amps but again I'm unsure if this solution would work.

I also wondered if I just need to upgrade the vinyl player as I have seen some with Bluetooth output but again unsure if I can output to my amp and Bluetooth at the same time.

My current setup is below, I'm open to upgrading whatever is necessary.

Vinyl - Technics SL-B210
Amp - Technics SU-Z22
Raspberry pi 4 with DAC - This is used solely to stream network audio such as Spotify

Whilst I have considered trying to achieve this with another connected pi I would rather upgrade my stack appropriately.

All suggestions are greatly appreciated as im kinda stuck as to where to go from here.


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Any amplifier that has a line out at the back, you could plug a bluetooth transmitter into that and it will play once speaker is paired with it. Sound still normally out through speakers


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In fact looking at your techics amp, it has a tape out, that should work too

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