Recommended opticians for contact lenses?


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Thinking about getting contact lenses but not really sure which opticians to try. Thinking about specsavers as they give you a trial where you can actually try some monthly contacts (which is what I may go for).

Other places like Vision Express and D&A only seem to offer an in-store test.

Contacts will be used pretty much all day on weekdays as I drive to work and use computers all day but dont always wear my glasses!

Any recommendations?


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My wife and I use Specsavers and have done for years. No issues or problems at all.


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Any of them to be honest. Nobody on the high street is going to be that much better than the others. I use Specsavers just because a friend worked there.


I have been using Contact Lenses for over 15 years now. In my experience, if this is the first time, you are looking to get Contact Lenses, then pop into one of the High Street opticians (Spec Savers, D&A, etc etc), as they are all the same, and offer similar contact lens brands.

However, if you have been using contact lenses for a while now and are comfortable using and caring for them, I would then suggest that you take a new eye test and then purchased your contacts online. I have tried a few online sellers, and they are all a lot cheaper compared to high street retailers. My particular lenses cost me about £20 for a set of 3 pairs (enough to last me about 4-6 months), whereas Spec Savers used to charge me about £13 initially and then £20 a month for my particular set of lenses.

The high street do provide appointments with their optometrists regularly, if thats your thing. I dont need to see the optometrist more than once a year, so basically save on that!


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I started wearing lenses in March. After having my eye test and trial (5 pairs of daily lenses) at Specsavers I opted to pay for my lenses as and when I needed them, £22 for 30 pairs. I now order from Daysoft which costs me £9.98 for 32 pairs :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the replies guys.

Going to use D&A as they had a closer branch so easier for me.

Decided to take the monthly trial but looking at the prices from the site that razza posted, I may go for Daily. £10 a month is very cheap! Also I probably wouldn't wear them on weekends anyway. Anyone else used that site to purchase lenses?

Any other cheap sites are welcome!

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