Recommended Hardware For Elonex Artisan Barebones


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I'm looking to get a htpc. I've seen this

I have a 42 inch Toshiba RPTV, sky+, dvd rec, 60 gig media player.
I want the htpc for playing video (Xvids etc..) I want to put a wireless card in for e-mail checking and the like. I'll prob put some music and stuff on there also.

I've seen these barebones systems on e buyer and wonder what recommended cpu, graphics card etc.. I'd need to complete the system.

My tv accepts rgb, s-video and component. I'd prefer to use component if poss.
Depending on the graphics card, would i need to use something like Powerstrip. Also would I need a specific lead for vga-component/rgb/svideo
Thanks in advance


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Have you seen the thread here?

Personally I followed Ronski from the above and replaced the motherboard with the Intel DG965OT in order to go down the Core 2 Duo route, although this is somewhat overkill for a standard HTPC. Either way, the thread has plenty of specs for folk using the supplied boards (I say "boards" as this has varied between cases) and for those that have replaced it with something else.

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