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Sep 11, 2002
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Im going out to get 3 new games in the coming week, and Im considering getting

Super Monkey Ball
Super Smash Brothers Melee
Star Wars: Rogue Leader II

Are there any other games which anyone strongly recommends, that I should consider buying?

Ive had the GC for 1 month now, and have FIFA 2002, Driven (its only £14.99 out of folks - thats why I bought it - honest :blush: ) and Luigis Mansion.

It goes without saying, ill be pre-ordering Mario Sunshine, and that is separate from suggestions.

Thanks in advance for comments...

Buy monkey ball resident evil out friday and mario sunshine out in 2 weeks time.

waveracer is good too
Trade in Driven as well ^_^ If multiplayer is your thing then Melee would be a good option as would Super Monkey Ball. If you're more of a single player then get Resident Evil out soon and save up your pennies for Eternal Darkness.

For me Pikmin is great but its not to everyones tastes and is at least worthy of a rental from Blockbusters. Other than that the PAL release won't get any better until Resident Evil is out, since Star Fox Adventures, Metroid Prime, Mario Sunshine and Eternal Darkness will make its way in the following months, along with some great 3rd party games.

WaveRace is a good game but for me it wasn't a big enough jump from the N64 original... Graphically its sweet but the gameplay can become repetitive if you haven't got a friend with equal or better skills. I guess thats the same for all multiplayer games...

Roll on Mario Tennis I'd say... Been waiting for that game for a long time now. ^_^
Agree with Neo-Blade.

I would also looking at picking up Rogue Leader 2nd Hand, tonnes of them about. Rogue Leader is graphically impressive, but the gameplay is a tad dull if you are used to more sophisticated flights sims.

Pikmin is a great little game, but I would also get that 2nd Hand then be prepared to trade it in, not really a long term keep.

Super Smash Melee is good for mulitplayer (my mate swears by it) and Monkey Ball too. Single player they are shortlife games also.
Ill defintely consider Resident Evil.

Does every blockbuster rent GC games, or is it on a store by store basis? My local store didnt the last time i looked - they only sold GC games... Any other chains stock GC games for rental???

Does eb or game trade GC games in and if so what experiences do GC owners have or buying a traded game or trading a game in in the first place? Cos I will definitely trade Driven in cos its too difficult to control and the graphics are a bit guff ...

(Please bring out Colin McRae 3 on the GC Codemasters, please)

definitely suggest Rogue Leader, Pikmin (a bit short but an utter gem), Super Monkey Ball (its a pleasure to own) and resident evil. Personally I can't stand Super Smash Bros Melee got bored of it after one or two games.

For the future Mario Sunshine, Eternal Darkness, Starfox Adventures, Metroid Prime and Resident Evil 0.

Now I just wish Play would hurry up and process my Resi Evil order I think they are ignoring me.
CMR3... MMmmm.... Want want want ^_^

I haven't been to my local Blockbusters for a while now but I'm sure they rent games still... I'll find out soon though when I get the time to.

GameStation and Game do trade in videogames and I tendto find that Gamestation offers more... But then it could be bacause I know the guys there being a regular ^_^ Trading in is painless enough so see how much credit you can get.. Never trade in for cash since you will always get next to nothing.

I'm told that CMR3 is coming to the Gc but I haven't seen anything of it sadly... I'll probably end up getting the PC and PS2 versions anyway >_<
Only have 3 GC games :

SMB - buy it now !!

Rogue Squadron - very overrated IMHO. Good graphics but boring repetitive gameplay.

Tony Hawks - very very good.
For what it's worth, I have listed the games I own in the order I would sugest buying them. For me they have all been worthwhile purchases and I don't feel that any are really bad games.

Super Mario Sunshine
Super Monkey Ball
Resident Evil
Rogue Leader
Eternal Darkness
Wave Race
Luigis Mansion

Mario goes without saying and is eating up nearly all of my game playing time at the moment. The only time I am playing games and it is not SMS, is when I am playing Bubble Bobble on the GBA:D

Super Monkey Ball runs Mario a close 2nd (I am awaiting SMB2, which is in the post from DVD Box Office). This is one maddeningly addictive game and one which I return to often.

Resident Evil comes in 3rd, thoroughly enjoyed it and prefer it to Eternal Darkness in the survival horror stakes. I found that ED, while having a superb story, was a little too easy to complete. Resi offers more challenge, especially on the harder level which becomes available after completing it. I also prefer the overall atmosphere of Resi.

Splitting the 2 horrors, I have placed Rogue Leader. I never played the original and being a big Star Wars fan, I love the atmosphere of the whole game. It is a lasting challenge and I still go back to it attempting to get all the gold medals.

Next up comes Wave Race. I never played the N64 version so any negatives about it being too similar fall on deaf ears here, it plays really well and is good fun. I have yet to complete it and haven't really given it as much time as I would have liked. Damn that Super Monkey Ball ;)

Luigis Mansion fills the not quite bottom position. It is a lovely little game, which was a lot of fun to complete. The 2 problems with it were that it was too short and within that short time, I never really felt in danger of reaching game over. It is not one to challenge any experienced players out there, but it is certainly worth a look.

Burnout is sitting in bottom position at the moment and I still enjoy playing that one too. Got up to the last championship and done a few of the head to heads. It is another that hasn't had the play it deserves, again due to SMB.

I have played other games round friends and found Pikmin to be a lot of fun and that is a title that will get a purchase from me one day. Super Smash Brothers on the other hand, will definately not be getting a purchase. We played that for some time in multiplayer and it bored me silly. Having said that my friends liked it, so I guess it is to each his own.
I've been playing the Sonic game, it seems really weird playing sonic on a Nintendo machine but hey that's progress.

It's really quick on the Sonic levels has some puzzle element on the Knuckles levels.

But I'm really waiting for Resident Evil, but I'll wait till I've complete Sonic.
To answer one of my own above questions ...

Blockbuster do rent GC games - got Monkey Ball 1 and Rogue Leader to look forward playing after work...

Monkey Ball - £3.95 2 day hire
Rogue Leader - £2.95 5 day hire

All thats needed now is the release of the damn FreeLoader/Action Replay for the Gamecube... >_<
dont buy super monkey ball!
wait for super monkey ball 2 it has 12 minigames instead of 6 nd far more courses

also buy
eternal darkness
super mario sunshine
luigi mansion
resident evil (but eternal darkness better in my opinion,but not in groundy's)

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