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Can someone recommend me a CPU cooler to buy, which I can cool my Intel 3.2 GHz CPU? Importantly, the cooling system MUST be silent.

Sorry for tyhe question, this is the first time I'm building a new computer from scratch.



Is there an Intel own advice site on for CPU coolers (there is one on AMD) then look them up say something like Overclockers which usually tells you the noise level?


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Zalman CPNS 7000 Al-Cu, 92mm fan and a speed controller

runs at 20-25 db depending on the fan speed.

I've just built a pair of 3.2 Ghz P4s using them on an ASUS p4C800E Deluxe mobo, Papst silent fans throughout, acoustipack foam lining and a Zalman silent PSU.

The Zalman mounting is dead easy btw.

As for the performance, I've been geting CPU core temps of about 29C when idle on one, and a little higher on the other (must've used a different amount of Artic Silver 5). The noise level is extremely low. The noisiest components are now the DVD drive, followed by the HDD. Although you're not supposed to run in silent mode on a P4 3.2 according to Zalman, I've quite happily throttled back the fan to 1600rpm, and only added a couple of degrees to the core temp.


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My p4 3.2 CPU just got delivered today and it happened to already come shipped with a heatsink+fan.

What's the difference between this heatsink+fan that already comes packaged with the Intel chips, and the heatsinks+fans being sold by other manufacturers?

I spent 50 quid on the SilenX CPU cooler (supposed to be very silent) not knowing that a cooler already comes with the CPU! :mad:



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I've not actually managed to find a version of the 3.2 without a heatsink/fan. I've got a box full of stock Intel coolers :rolleyes: . Your £50 cooler should be significantly quieter.

You don't mention what your other components are. If you've got standard cooling for the rest of your PC, to be honest, your CPU fan will be one of your lesser worries.

On a standard PC with stock fans, your biggest offenders are, in approximate order:

80mm intake fans
PSU fan
rear exhaust fan
graphics card cooler (if a new one like the fx5800 or higher)
CPU fan
northbridge chipset fan

If you didn't actively seek out low noise or silent versions of any of these, your low noise CPU fan will make very little overall difference.

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