Recommended CD player/HiFi System For 94 year old


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My 94-year-old mother-in-law wants me to find a compact HiFi system to replace her DENVER MCA-230 CD MICRO SYSTEM. The problem with the latter is that I had to go around weekly to clean the laser (with an ALLSOP disc) as it kept stopping working, plus she could do with a system that has just a little bit more power. All she really needs is a CD and radio - maximum spend about £150 (buying new). I am in the UK. I found JVC UX-D750 Wireless Traditional Hi-Fi System - Black from Currys (though she does not need Bluetooth, MP3 and USB features), but if anyone can recommend a system that is really simple to use to buy new in the UK, it would be greatly appreciated. She has an Onkyo (I think it is Onkyo CR-305 FX Amp CD Tuner and Aux.) in another room which she is very happy with, but similar Onkyo systems do not seem available new anymore.


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What about the Philips Audio M4505/12 Micro Music System at £159 from Amazon?
Amazon product

I've no personal experience of this system but the reviews are positive, unlike some of the cheaper Philips systems. Note however they only have one in stock at the moment.


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Rock on mother. Hope I still get to hear my music when I am her age. Already have one hearing aid at 64 years old. It's a great source for re activating the brain. I have see what music does for elderly. They suddenly come back to life.


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The little JVC systems are OK. I have one of older ones in my workshop and it sounds fine. Just bear in mind they are not JVC, but Currys own brand with a shiny badge and may not be the most reliable. The Bluetooth on mine stopped working after about 18 months, but the rest of the system still works and I simply bought a cheap dongle to connect my phone to it. I don't think I've ever tried the cd player on it, but the radio has a habit of changing dab stations if they have similar names - EG: Absolute 80s will suddenly switch to Absolute Radio without warning after 30 minutes, requiring me to switch it back.

If you can stump up little bit more, the Denon system might be a safer bet.


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I got my son one of the Currys JVC systems about 3 or 4 years ago when it was down to £130 and I was really surpised by it. Certainly sounds a lot better than anything at that price has any right to! I think it was originally about £200 though. He was 12 at the time but he still has it and uses it, though he now has earphones that cost twice that. Don't think it's ever actually seen a CD though so can't comment on how reliable it is on it.

It was this one, but no longer available:


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