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Recommended BT Infinity set up?


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I'm due to be getting BT Infinity 2 in a few weeks, but my Master Socket is downstairs and the PC and 3 more wired only devices are upstairs. I gather I have 3 options to solve the connectivity conundrum:
1. Have the Master Socket moved to upstairs if possible (I think I had the relevant socket upstairs moved already). Providing the engineers are feeling indulgent (think they did it for my neighbour)
2. Use powerline extenders and a switch, whether TP Link or BT ones (I'm liking TP Link for the gigabit ethernet connections on their V600 range but I hear they get rather warm)
3. Use wifi extenders or a wireless bridge and wireless adapters for each device I want to connect (which I believe will give a weak and iffy connection).

BT suggest the upper speed for my connection (plugging into the HH5) will be about 60mbps. Does anyone have any idea of how much I might be sacrificing if I go for options 2 or 3? The connection to the desktop PC upstairs is really the most important one. The wireless devices I use mainly downstairs (ipads, laptops and smartphones) are not so crucial (so if the 5ghz signal was weak downstairs with the HH5 upstairs I'd not be that bothered).

Any advice or opinions anyone could offer would be most gratefully received.

jedi master

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What about a network cable running to a switch rather than the powerline extenders? Not used powerline extenders, so I don't know what they are like or whether you get any loss with them .

I have the HH5 downstairs and a single network cable running upstairs to a gigabit switch. Then cables from the switch to where I need them. I get no speed sacrifice.
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I'm wishing I took your advice now, not that the BT guy who installed it offered to help or actually said more than three words to me.

I ended up with the HH5 in the lounge connected to a Devolo 650+ homeplug, the other being upstairs by the PC. But they don't work for some reason. The homeplugs report a good signal (450mbps+) so the wiring is fine, but downloading anything above a few mb in size (or running the speedtest.net thing) causes the HH to lose the internet connection every time. I've no idea what is going on, but then the 650s are pretty newly released products so maybe they don't like BT or something. At this rate it might be cheaper to pay BT to send another engineer to put the hub and master socket where I actually need it.

Dave Lewis

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Can't understand why the homeplug would cause you to lose your broadband, try disconnecting the homeplugs and test your connection for a while with a PC/Laptop hard wired to the HH5. You may have real broadband HH5 issue you need to rule out first.

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