Recommended Blu-Ray players for £150 or less?

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Hi All,

I just sold off my PS3 and want to get a dedicated Blu-Ray player.

I have about £150 to play around with which seems like a decent amount considering the number of decent reviews I'm seeing. Any suggestions?

Some of the ones I've seen so far are:

Panasonic DMP-BD65EB-K
Panasonic DMP-BD35EB-K
Philips BDP3100/05


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Re the Sony S370 if you have a Richer Sounds store anywhere nearby they are selling them with a discount for a trade-in for any old DVD/VHS player.
I got the S370 with multi-region Dvd for £129 (I think without the MR fix its £109) with a trade-in.

I replaced a Pan BD35 with this



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I just got the sony bdp 370 the other day and so far i can't fault it at all and everyone else on here that has one seems to rate them so i'd consider taking a look at one of them.


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RGBdirect are doing the LG BD560 for £99 delivered if you want a Bluray player with decent media playing capability via NTFS usb hdd, the only difference with this model over the bd570 is it isn't wifi enabled so if that isn't required this may be a good option for you


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I got the Samsung BD-C5300 from blockbusters for £117 inc 6 Blu rays :) Looks good and i think can do most/all things all the others can! Same price on play n amazon but without the Blu rays i believe


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get the samsung c6500 from amazon, marked downed to £168

Product Features

  • Full 1080P high definition Blu-ray player
  • Dolby True HD, DTS HD Master Audio and 7.1 audio output
  • Enjoy internet content on your TV including BBC iPlayer
  • Wireless connectivity with built-in WiFi
  • Enjoy more movie fun with BD live (Profile 2.0) and Bonusview

seen one here quite like the thought of it being wifi ideal for streming off the net.Been looking of a way to get spotify to work through my hifi some way.This could be that way.


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Would not be touching the Korean Brand's this year, there full of bugs, i am yet to hear a good review from any source about the Samsung/LG players but aint heard a singe bad one about Panasonic, Having said that i bought the Philips 7500 on looks alone, with its touch sensitive buttons and solid wrap round alloy case its bloody nice, the only problem with it so far is because of the cheep nature of the player and the fact that it is metal and not plastic the Disc transport and spinning tends to be a little loud, i think its don to the poor Insulating of the metal vs plastic

But a good player

Philips BDP7500 Black | Blu-ray Player | Richer Sounds


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I was always quite happy with BD players doing what they say on the tin
"Thats Play BD!!!" Who give a **** about streaming Internet videos are for watching on a pc, thats what they were made for


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I purchased the Panny BD65 last week and I'm very happy with it. A lot of places are selling it for £179 but I got mine from RGB Direct for £135 with a free multi-region update included. Works perfect with my Panny V20 and I'm sure you'd be very happy with it, especially the price! :thumbsup:



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Nothing wrong with LG, and Samsung Players as per the post below.
Ive had panasnonic, sony, samsung, denon, lg blu-rays and to be honest sound and picture i always struggle to see the difference. But loading times and boot up, ive yet to see many players that can get close to Samsung and LG players.
Recently brought the Samsung 5300 from HMV with 6 movies for £99 in the sale for a spare room, and apart from my 19 month old breaking the door on the front, its lightning fast.

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