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Recommended amplifier for Tannoy Revolution XT8F


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I am looking for a good amplifier match for my tannoy revolution xt8fs. I have used them with a Rokasan K2 amp. They were very clear and detailed but I thought could be a bit bright/harsh. Currently, I am using a Nad C370 that has be refurbish with new caps. I have been unable to compare side by side. The nad sounds warmer but it's a cheaper amp and I don't feel the detail like the Roksan. I am using the tannoys as the fronts for an av system that is driven by an old Yamaha Aventage av receiver but I am using the pre-outs for the front and running them into the Nad and I did this with the Roksan too. I listen to cds also and just link them straight to the amp and do not use the yamaha as a pre-amp. Would people consider the tannoys a bright speaker? I don't have experience of hearing all different amps, so recommendations would be much appreciated. I read good reviews on some Rega or Cambridge amps that are very much more expensive than the Nad C370 that I am using but I would not know how good the match is. Recommendations and your experiences would be much appreciated.
Many thanks, Paul


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I've got different speakers to you, Kef R500, I find these speakers pretty revealing with source equipment. When I was looking for an amp I tried the Roksan K2. I too found this a bit harsh, more so as the volume was increased, just way too grating for my liking. I ended up getting an Arcam FMJ A39. It's a way better amp in my opinion. I had an Arcam Alpha 9 before this, it sounded very similar to the A39, just not enough power for my speakers.

I don't know what power the Tannoy's require. I'd definitely consider an Arcam amp though, if you want detail, neutral sound, without being harsh at all. Depending on your budget there are quite a lot to look at. If you want power at a budget (100 watt RMS @ 8 ohms) possibly an Alpha 10, FMJ A22 or FMJ A32. They appear to be reliable, my Alpha 9 was nearly 20 years old, and still sounded fantastic.
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I'm running a pair of Tannoy XT6Fs + Rega Brio + Schiit Modi Multibit. It's awesome and they sound as good as they're going to sound IMO. I previously ran them off an Onkyo and the headroom was dramatically increased with the Rega as well as the general neutrality of the sound. Buy with confidence!


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I definitely recommend Arcam - I run XT8Fs myself with a Arcam P35 power amp (power amp version of the A32) feeding them (using an A28 as a pre-amp only atm)


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I've recently got a new system with the Marantz PM8006 which drives the model down of those Tannoy - sounds very good. Marantz used Tannoy speakers to demo its electronics at a show in Belgrade so they obviously think it's a good match.


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Having just bought a pair of the same speakers I’ll also recommend Arcam amplifier. The match is excellent the amps are wide range and can control the low frequency capabilities of the XT range. The detailed capabilities of both devices have one down side which is that they expose any failings in the recording you have access to

Helix Hifi

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Marantz and Tannoy go very well together. But so does Arcam and Rega also. May I ask which amplifier you ended up with?

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