Recommended 26" Twin HDMI TV's?


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I've been looking at two recently,

JVC LT26DX7 (Currently priced at £895 at John Lewis's and on empire website £660. So John Lewis is quite dear compared to it. )

and the

Panasonic Viera TX26LXD60 (Last quoted in store price at John Lewis's was £649 which is a fair price.)

I'm limited to a size 26" but I'm going for twin hdmi to future proof it. I was looking between the £600-£700 budget possibly a bit more if there was something worth springing that bit extra for.

There's a few things I'd like to know really if anyone would recommend the above or any other tv's that meet my specification (and are decent).

I've seen the JVC and Panasonic ones in store at John Lewis's although the JVC in particular was rather expensive compared to prices elsewhere. Thing is i've been trying to get a price match on it (with Empire Direct) and so far every one has failed due to lack of stock. By the time they get round to checking their out of stock again and now today when I rang Empire up they say they haven't got anymore on order and one sales person (for empire) suggested they may even be getting discontinued.

Just wondering if anyone knows if there's any truth to that or if theres any new models coming out next month or two that could explain the lack of stock?

If it is getting doscontinued any idea why and when the replacements will be out.

I don't want to wait too long/spend too much on a tv but I also want to make sure I get a tv that'll last future proof me for at least a good 5 years. I also don't want to buy a TV if it's going to get discontinued straight after as there must be a reason if it is.

Any ideas/suggestions/recommendations?

Also as a side issue will the HDMI 1.3 specification have any effect on the graphical performance of the televison? i.e. i'll be getting a PS3 and obviously using the hdmi on that. So if a tv with hdmi 1.3 (later down the line) will be better should i wait?


Thats the same two models I have narrowed mt search down too as well but I can't really give you any answers to the questions oyu have. The Panasonic model can be had from Dixons for £548 delivered with the use of a discount code so I am leaning more towards that model as I don't feel the JVC is worth the extra £100 it's costing.

I read about the HDMI 1.3 thing as wel and I don't think it will make a huge diffrence but I could be wrong.

Fingers crossed that someone with a little more knowledge can give us some answers


Entertainment said:
The JVC has PIP and A PC Input, where as the Panasonic doesnt.

Well for me that makes no diffrence as neither will be used. have a Dell 2405 for my PC which i am more than hapy with and the Tv would only be connected to a cable box so nothing for me to PIP with.

So if thats what the JVC has over the panny then panny it is for me.


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