Recommended 20" 4:3 LCD


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I am looking for a new LCD screen to demo train DVDs and use as a PC monitor.

All the DVDs are 4:3 so there is no point in spending more to get a 22" 16:9 screen. The screen does not need a TV tuner but it does need to have a PC input. I could use a PC monitor (as long as it had speakers) if there was a way to connect a DVD player (via RGB scart or s-video) to it.

I have seen a couple of models by Samsung and Sharp at about £800-£900 but neither had PC inputs.

Anyone out there have any recommendations.


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As an alternative could I get a Samsung HD935 DVD player with DVI output (or any other DVD player with DVI) and connect this to a standard PC monitor?


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yep you can as suggested above or use DVi for PC and try an RGB>VGA box, (need to check sync frequencies for that tho)

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