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Hi All,

AV Forums newbi here :hiya:

Loaded question/s coming up!

I would like to know what's best for the following set-up, either All-In-One or separates. I'm looking for something simple, 5.1 will do poss 6.1 if price difference is neglegable. I've seen the Arcam range but £2k plus speakers is a bit too rich and my living room is not set up to appreciate it. So...

I have:

-Fujitsu PSD42 ( )

I'd like a new Quality MultiRegion DVD Player, 5.1 AMP, RDS, Plays music CDs. I can plug the lappy into a port on the screen but what I need to know is this...

To get the best quality I think I need to drive the Plasma via component video so I think I will need a box that will accept all my kit; new DVD, existing PS2, existing SkyPlus.

Q1 - is it possible to connect all this kit (not pc [ well maybe it is possible]) and drive a quality image to the component inputs?
Q2 - is it possible to connect all the audio - they all have (bar the PC) digi optical and drive a quality sound through the speakers
Q3 - I'd like to remove the speakers from the screen so all audio will be driven externally
Q4 - wireless rears would be cool but I appreciate the all-in-ones, whilst having wireless would let me down in other areas

The JVC with wireless seems ideal although not too good looking but I'm still in the dark as to how I get it all connected for optimum sound and vision. Can someone enlighten me please.

Thanks a million.

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