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    I have a Pioneer 50mxe and two B&W 9nt speakers at the rear with 1nt 's at the front, the amp is a Denon3802 with a Denon 2800 DVD Mk 2. I also have a multi sat setup which recieves many channels. I bought a Tivo to record T.V and Sat, but the Tivo will only record from the sat from its RF connector, the picture is fine but the audio is in mono. I was happy with this a few months ago when I bought the Tivo second hand, but feel I am missing out on the audio side of things considering my setup.
    Has any one any idea's on how to get the Tivo to record in 5.1, or is there no solution? Will I have to sacrifice my Tivo ( really love it though ) and get a DVD recorder with a HDD such as the Pioneer DVR-5100S.
    All input would be welcome.
    Arty1 :clap:

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