Recommendations please for ipod speakers

rob roberts

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if you have a little more money to play with i can highly reccomend the BOSE sound dock, it goes for £250 in selfridges but you should be able to get it cheaper on the net.


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I would go for the Acoutic Energy Aego M system its fantastic for the money and the size and looks the part too very smart in black!!!!

If you want a dock apple do a dock now with a line out so you leave the cables in..


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The JBL Onstage is really good if you want something very small. I compared this with Altec Lansing and Logitech in John Lewis and it wiped the floor with them. You can try them in the Apple store if you live near one.


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I Went for the logitech with free delivery from amazon total £69.99 or something, great sound & carry case but i think i might have gone for the i-deck if it was 99.00 at the time !!

I think its one of those suck it & see jobs. :eek:
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