Recommendations Please: 2 x 2 HDMI Matrix


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Hi, looking for recommendations to connect the following:

Sky Q
Apple TV 4K

LG OLED C9 TV via RUIPRO 15m Fibre HDMI Cable 4K and Denon AVRX3500H AV Amp
LG OLED GX TV and Sonos Arc (eARC from TV) via RUIPRO 15m Fibre HDMI Cable 4K

AV kit is in a comms cupboard so need to be able to control both inputs from the remote rooms. I believe I need something powered to drive the fibre HDMI cables. I have a Logitech Harmony, but the range isn't great and it isn't a multi-room solution.

Can the community recommend a suitable HDMI Switch / Matrix please? I guess one option is to buy a simple HDMI splitter and then just another Apple TV along with the TVs as may be cheaper than needing a switch. I want to avoid having to pay for Sky Multiroom. That doesn't solve the control issue though.

Final issue - Sky Q works fine at 8-bit 4K most of the time but sometimes fails to connect and gives me a blue screen with "TV does not support HDCP", and it won't work at all at 10-bit. Is this a limitiation of the cables I have or an issue with settings?

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Power - ideally all HDMI devices should be externally powered or at least offer that option.

RuiPro4K cable - does pull power from the connected devices.

2x2 Matrix - HDFury Integral2 or Vertex.

And if you want a bit of expansion!

4x2 Matrix - HDFury Vertex2

See - HDfury - The Media Factory


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