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Hi I was hoping some of you guys with experience of multiple UHD Blu-Ray players (I'm looking in price brackets above £600 up to c £1200) might be able to share your opinions on the choices available.

I currently have an Oppo BDP103 which has just developed a fault (no Disk) and after ruling out firmware, dust and other obvious potential causes it looks like it will have to be sent off to Oppo (one guy in a shed apparently ;-) so rather than spending what might be £300 for a new laser and or carriage and repair etc I thought I'd look to buy a new player. The player will work with my Panny TXP65VT50B screen and be paired with an Anthem MRX300 processor with MCA303 power amp.

Whats important to me? I want something that focusses on the important stuff without too many whistles and bells that I will never use. That's the sound quality when watching BR (and DVD) disks (I don't have a UHD screen but am looking at UHD Players for future proofing) and when listening to CD's and lossless audio streamed from a NAS drive. Of course amazing picture quality from the BR source direct as I don't mess really with settings etc. My whole system was professionally calibrated including a visit from the tech guys at Anthem who did the Arc set-up to show a new dealer how to do it and I was the lucky guinea pig (it's a converted basement with full wall and ceiling sound proofing). Any thoughts on the Pioneers (500/800), the Pannys and anything else that you think might be relevant? I liked the Oppo and may still get it repaired but this is a good time to look at options. Thanks in advance.

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