Recommendations on these (and other) 19" WS


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So i'm trying to find a good 19" widescreen monitor for around £130 (to be used for gaming, movies and general internet etc), but it's so confusing! Right now I have about 3 i'm considering:

  • 19" Neovo K-A19-BLK: 850:1 contrast, 3ms response, 170/160 viewing angles, but VGA input and just 80mm from the stand to the bottom of the screen with no height adjust

  • LG L194WT 19" LCD: 2000:1 contrast (!), 5ms response, 160/160 viewing angles, DVI, but AFAIK not height adjustable

  • Hanns-G HW191DP: Has built in speakers (fairly useful I suppose) but less impressive specs as the others - 700:1 contrast, 5ms response, 150/130 angles

Personally I like the LG with it's very impressive specs, and it's only about 125 quid! But my brother doesn't like that it isn't height adjustable.


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Also consider the Hanns XM New York which can be had for £125.25 delivered from ebuyer.

It's a better monitor than the HW191DP imo and looks a lot nicer!

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