Recommendations for the following.....please


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Hey all,

I want to get 2 sets of wireless headphones:

1. For my guitar and amp upstairs, for late night exploits of a rocking nature.

2. For my HTPC/cinema system in the living room. Some Halo will be played and listening to music/films late at night.

Has anyone used wireless headphones on an amp before? I have read loads of great thigs about Sennheiser, they pretty much speak for themselves. Any recommendations from existing users would be very helpfull guys. Thanks in advance.


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Good point, the only problem is the wires. I would really prefer wireless if possible. Its looks neater, also interference can be overcome by the trial and error of positioning of the base unit i believe.


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If you want to pay for the technology that allows no wires, because it's neater, instead of paying for good sound - then just buy any wireless system you like the look of - it's not like it'll make a difference to your priorities.

I'd do more research on base station interference. I don't know whether positioning makes a difference, but if you're buying two, you need to be sure.

I'm probably a lone voice of dissent, but Sennheiser's don't speak for themselves, they just have a shed load of products in the market; some of them are great, some are average, and some are terrible.


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Having watched some reviews of the wireless setup on you tube, its clear that static interference will be an issue. But to be honest i will not be using these 24/7 so quality of sound is not the be all and end all for me anyway.

I have read also by turning the source audio up loud this will help reduce the static on the headset as the headset willl not need to be that loud to listen.

Anyone with a similar senareo to the first post?

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