recommendations for speakers needed


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Hi guys this is my current system setup

Amplifier: Rotel RA931 Mk 11
CD Player Sony CDP - XB930
Speaker Cable Biwire Real Talk 3.1
Interconnects Cambridge Audio Pactific
Speakers Kef Cresta 2

Bedroom is 3 metres length 2.7 metres wide 8 feet high with a carpeted floor and walls are wallpapered. My right speaker is situated near my window which again due to space means I can not change that.

They are sat on top of a shelf unfortunately, because of space issues there is no choice, I do not have speaker stands. My speakers are sat on 4 mini spikes which go under each corner and below that is a thick tile for each speaker which absorbs the boom.

I am looking for speakers below 200.00 which under these conditions will be loud clear and punchy. Typically I listen to rap music and rock music. The reason I am looking at replacement speakers is because unfortunately the right speaker has packed in, well it did a few days ago :thumbsdow

Any recommendations you can give would be great :smashin:


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Difficult at that price point.. for the music you say, i would probably say the B&W DM601 are great if buying new, if you can look second hand the Tannoy R1 would be well worth considering.

If you like punchy etc i'd look at your cables aswell though, both the Pacific and Talk 3.1 are a little polite, both very good but Something like QED Qunex Silver Anniversary would add a bit more puch for very little outlay.. and Superfi are selling the Silver Spiral interconnect off at a daft £39, which although normally overkill for your system at that price (and given the 2 Pacifics i recently sold on eBay both went for £20 hardly a great expense!)


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You are being overly pessimistic arent you? I know other people with space issues but their systems still sound great!
I'm a bit lost... i don't see where i was being pessimistic, i suggested some competent speakers at the price point you mention and added some suggestions to help add a little zip to the style of music you wish... but hey ho, as you were!

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