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Recommendations for small speakers


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I've googled this to death but still haven't found what I'm looking for.

I'm looking for a pair of ultra compact hi fi speakers which can be tucked away in a corner which have a really good sound expected from hi fi speakers i.e. bass etc.

Ideally smaller than bookshelf. Been looking at the Cambridge Min 11 but read that wihtout a subwoofer they won't sound so good.

Any recommendations? :smashin:


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It's physics, there is no way you can get great sound with plenty of bass out of speakers the size of the CA Minx 11. You have to choose really: either very small speakers (satellites, as most people would call them) which have to be used with a sub, or "bookshelf" speakers which can be used without a sub but still don't quite reach that low, or bigger bookshelf speakers / floor standers which can do fine without a sub for most things.

The other major potential issue is the "tucked away in a corner" aspect - very few (if any) speakers will sound good when in a corner, in general they should be some distance from any wall (even if that's 10 inches or so) - this all depends on the speakers and the room.


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And I want a Mini-Cooper to haul Cargo Freight. But obviously that is not going to work.

The smaller the speaker, the less bass, as has been pointed out - simply Physics.

But to some extent, it hinges on your expectations. If this is just for casual listening, a small speaker, that is - moderately small - can work OK.

So, now we try to define what and how you listen, and what we mean by small.

Something that one would typically classify as a Satellite speakers, with a 4" or smaller bass driver, is likely going to have a low end response in roughly the 100hz range. A typical bookshelf, is going to be closer to 40hz. A good floorstanding speakers is going to go down to 30hz or less.

Again, it hinges on your requirements and expectations. I've heard speakers that only go down to they 60hz to 80hz range, they sound fine for casual listening. The speakers on my computer only go down to about 64hz, but for the limited type of listening I do on my computer, that is fine. However, the speakers on my main stereo go down to 28hz.

My point is, we need a bit more information, we need to establish what your personal needs are for listening, and exactly what you mean by 'small'.

The Wharfedale Diamond 10.0 is small, in a modest sense, but not exactly tiny at 236H x 145W x 165D (mm). They do have bass response down to a very acceptable 55hz.

Wharfedale Diamond 10.0 Speakers (Pair) at Audio Affair

Next, we would need to know what other equipment these speakers will be used with. For example, what Amp and what Source? By Source I mean computer, iPod/MP3, CD Player, TV, etc...?

Also, we are going to need a budget? I've seem small Paradigm Satellite speakers selling for £500/pr. But, don't leave us to guess at the budget.

The Project Speaker Box 4, with 100mm bass driver in a sealed cabinet, has decent bass numbers, but is not likely to have dominant bass. Still, it should do well near a wall or in a corner - (W x H x D): 140 x 228 x 160mm -

Pro-Ject Speaker Box 4 Speakers (Pair) at Audio Affair

It is extremely hard to go smaller than this and still maintain a reasonable degree of bass.

Even these Satellite speakers are 10" high including the base -

Focal Sib Speakers (Pair) at Audio Affair

The Anthony Gallo are going to be good, if you do not expect - Rock the House bass -

Anthony Gallo ADiva Speaker at Audio Affair

You might consider Flat-Panel speakers like this, though again probably OK bass for causal listening, but not the equal of a true HiFi speaker -

KEF T101 Speakers (Pair) at Audio Affair

Even these Focal Dome 2.0 speakers would be very good, but again limited bass. 80hz with the right speaker can sound fine for casual listening. I had some small Sony speakers before the speakers I have now (on my computer), the bass sounded fine for the type of listening I was doing.

Focal Dome 2.0 Speakers (Pair) at Audio Affair

Again, expectations matter. You can't expect deep rumbling bass, but with speaker of 80hz or less, you can expect acceptable bass for casual listening. Though I don't recommend any speakers with bass response above 80hz.

The Cambridge MINX 11 and the MINX 21 have bass response of 120hz. That's not going to cut it.

The JBL Control ONE speakers with limited bass response (80hz) , is regarded as a pretty good sounding speaker for its size. W x H x D (mm) 155 x 230 x 140 -


Those are about the limit of speaker that will given functional bass for casual listening, and yet maintain a reasonably small footprint.

For what it is worth.



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Mr Ed

a talking horse?

You might not like this answer, but what about a pair of small powered speakers? The AudioEngine A2's come to mind in either black or <gag> white. Your call. Your decision. Your money.


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I'm looking for a pair of ultra compact hi fi speakers which can be tucked away in a corner which have a really good sound expected from hi fi speakers i.e. bass etc.


I've googled this to death but still haven't found what I'm looking for

Yep, not suprising because such a speaker doesn't exist.


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You might consider Flat-Panel speakers

I was going to suggest PMC Wafer 2s until I looked up the CA Minx Min 11 and discovered the Wafers are about 20 times the price of what you're considering.

Have a search for on-wall speakers; something might pop up which floats your boat.


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Well those responses are certainly detailed and I appreciate the effort from all. With this consideration I decided to go for Boston Acosutics A25 and really happy with them. Thanks to all


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Hello again
Any idea if there is a wall bracket/mount that fits the 4-way keyhole in the back of these?


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Nice choice, I have listened to the A25s at length and they are fantastic with a lovely clean sound. The Morduant Short Alumni 2 are a good quality small compact speaker.

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