Recommendations for short coax lead?

bill radley

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Hi, I have my Marantz cd player hooked up to Yamaha 801 amp. I have both RCA and Toslink set up so can use dac's on both units. So far Marantz definitely has lower frequency warmth. I'd like to try a coax connection too though guess there will be no difference from toslink. Cheap cables on Amazon etc don't seem to be 75 ohms from what I can tell which I gather is the target for coax audio cable.

Anyone know of a good quality short cable (ideally 0.5 m) for use from cd to amp which isn't going to cost a fortune? Has anyone else actively compared sound via optical v coaxial? I know there are discussions on this.


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Make your own from a bit of UHF TV or satellite coax and two rca plugs? Not that RCA plugs are 75 ohm impedance so they'll mis-match everything anyway. Requires soldering skills and equipment.

Kenable sell RG59 (75 ohm) cabled RCA to RCA leads. Digital Coax Cables | Kenable and are sellers on Amazon, too.

My Amazon search for < 75 ohm rca cable > throws up a fair few cables but most are unknown brands.

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