Recommendations For Pay as You Go Mobile Phone Service.


Apr 21, 2001
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Can anyone recommend a pay as you go mobile phone service if they still do them?
I you have read my other thread today my parents were cut off due to them not using it often enough so are be going to get a new one.
I was wondering id they still did pay as you go.
All the networks do PAYG.

Choosing one is a matter of picking

- the tariff that suits - they all differ slightly. BUT: All networks charge less for calls to <landlines and other users of the same network> than for <calls to other networks>. So, if there is a predisposition within their circle of friends and famility towards a given network, it is economic sense to use the same one.

- coverage: some more rural areas are better covered by some than by others.

If neither of these are a factor, then I suggest Virgin is probably the best PAYG tariff. In fact, Virgin have exactly the same tariff for Pay Monthly too. More convenient, I'd say because you don't have to pre-pay nor remember to top up and you lose nothing if you go dormant.

Alternatively, I reckon Orange is pretty good for coverage in odd places.

More details on Virgin from
I've got an Orange phone on the Virgin Pricematch tariff. I don't pay any line rental and just get charged 15p min for first 5 min then 5p min for the rest of the day. Other mobile networks cost 45p min I think.
At the end of each month I get sent an itemised bill and the money comes directly out of my bank, no vouchers to buy or run out leaving me with no credit.

Check out Tesco mobile. In my opinion you can't beat it. Which is why I have cancelled my 02 contract.

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