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I need a new laptop and have been considering the HP 6735s model (AMD chip), however, I am hoping for a few suggestions that fit my criteria.

1. Budget approx £350 to £400
2. Integrated web cam (mandatory)
3. 2gb RAM (minimum
4. 160gb HDD (minimum)
5. Serial Port (preferable but not mandatory)
6. WiFi
7. Other usual connections such as VGA, LAN, USB etc, etc.
8. Not widescreen (mandatory)

I read the review of the very similar HP 6730s (Intel chip) on PC Pro and it got a very good review regarding build quality and functionality etc.

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read the forum as their are plenty of posts and threads on the same topics

just one point your'll be very lucky to get a serial port on a newish laptop as its old tech now


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Come back in ten years when this widescreen insanity has passed, now that Lenovo have decomissioned the X60 I don't think there's a single laptop on the market that's 4:3.

The Toshiba A10/M10 would give you the serial port (although only some models have a webcam), but the price range is £600-800.

With the ram, HDD and wifi being virtually standard and the widescreen and serial port being unobtainable in your budget the only thing you really need to look out for is a webcam.

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